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2017Watermelon Soda entered store of CU
Calamansi Soda shipped
Watermelon choco pie shipped
2016Watermelon Soda, Mango Soda, Watermelon Milk entered stores of GS/7-eleven
2015Milk Ring, Berry Soda entered stores of GS
Milk100 shipped (hanaromart only)
2014Low-carbonated Watermelon juice entered stores of GS
Yogurt powder saled 불가리스 materials from Namyang Co.,Ltd (Emart provided)
Health functional food exported (Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, etc)
2013Koita SFC food safe center extended
2012Enfant Health functional food entered mart of homeplus
FAC materials aucenticated
2010Milklet entered mart of Costco
2009Development and MOU contracted with IL-Yang pharm
Selected to be 향토산업육성사업자 of Ministry of Agriculture&Forestry
Traditional materials of mixed extract saled
2007Joint business contracted with Seoul milk on health functional food and cosmetics belonging to enfant brand
2006Ministry of Food&Drug safety
Reward of QC advancement
Reward of Minister of Industry
2004Selected to be a member of Inno-biz