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General food

Product typeCandy
Content amount2g *200Tablets
Valid Date12months
Concept5 types of color from 2 different nation! Chewable Milk Calcium Complement Candy.
Main ComponentsSkim milk powder(korea), Whole milk powder(korea), Chicory Dietary fibe, Milk Calcium, Colostrumprotein powde, Powder taffy, etc

1. High-qualified domestic skim milk powder and whole milk powder
- Used Korean ingredients; rich in flavor and nutrition.

2. Original milk flavor
- Milk flavor for all rage of aged consumers.

3. No Additives (No synthetic coloring, No synthetic sweetener, No synthetic preservatives)

4. Helpful for kids in growing stage with various complements.
- 5 tablets per day (advised volume), equivalent to milk 120ml
- Contain Chicory dietary fiber and xylitol

5. Zipper bag packing for bulk of 200 tablets

6. Zero down saturated fat and trans fat threatening kids’ health

NameWater Melon Chocolate Cake
Product typechocolate processed food
Content amount28g
Valid Date6months
ConceptChoco cake containing Korea watermelon
Main ComponentsWatermelon concentrate(Korea), flour, corn syrup, Vegetable oil, Cocoa powder, etc

1. Contain real watermelon
- Contain watermelon concentrate from Korea watermelon

2. Sweet cool taste
- Taste of sweet chocolate and cool watermelon

3. Delicious color
- Full of watermelon pulp and green watermelon peel in the chocolate

4. Various specifications available
- Packing available in 4p, 6p, 12p

NameEnfant Ho-ho Laver
Product typeprocessed marine products
Content amount2.5g(10sheets)
Valid Date12months
ConceptUSDA Organic Certification non-seasoning laver
Main Componentsseasweed 100% (korea)

1. Korean first USDA Organic authorized seaweed
- Laver verified from laver cultivation to equipment inspection.

2. Domestically eco-friendly materials
- utility of materials cultivated from west coast for higher quality to kids.

3. No Salt, No oil
- sweet taste without using any salt or oil
- safe healthy meal for kids
- healthy snack for kids with no salty taste

4. Individually convenient packing
- Enough for a meal with 2.5g, 9folding, 10 sheets
- portable packing for outdoor

5. Produced with best facilities
- Production with facilities vertified with HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000 [HACCP] each every setp of process is inspected from material production to final system to consumers [ISO 인증] International common QC and enviroment system regulation

NameEnfant organic white rice snack
Product typeSnack
Content amount20g
Valid Date12months
Concept100% organic white rice snack made from Korean grains, rice and vegetables
Main Components
1. 유기농 백미 떡 쌀과자 2. 유기농 백미 시금치 떡 쌀과자
3. 유기농 백미 단호박 떡 쌀과자 4. 유기농 백미 당근 떡 쌀과자
5. 유기농 백미 자색고구마 떡 쌀과자6. 유기농 백미 감 떡 쌀과자
7. 유기농 백미 감귤 떡 쌀과자8. 유기농 백미 브로콜리 떡 쌀과자
9. 유기농 백미 자색고구마 & 브로콜리 떡쌀과자10. 유기농 백미 시금치 & 당근 떡쌀과자

1. Korean organic white rice usage
- Rice snack made from organic white rice for enfants

2. 100% organic material and 100% domestic materias
- Beside white rice, all other vegetable components are used all made-in-Korean materials.

3. No synthetic additives
-no any synthetic additives in, safe to infants.

4. Smooth and tasty texture
- shaped as bun-cake type, tasting smoother and also designed better for kids to hold
- Sanitary intake with less snack crumbs

5. Healthy delicious snack
- Used 100% organic materials and no fried
- Melting easily in water for infants to take

6. Health delicious snack… outdoor necessity
- Becomes snack for kids when going out for a picnic, shopping, driving with kids
- Zipper bag design better for stock