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Lifetime care system through SFC BIO’s R&D know-how

The solution for childhood growth, Enfant

Enfant is a health functional food brand tailored to each growth stage of children,
prescribed by the Natural Substance Research Institute for Food and Drug of SFC BIO.

Like a caring mother, we develop our products to fill them with the most suitable nutrients by each stage of growth under thorough scientific research.

  • Awarded the Grand Prize at the Korean Consumer's Trusted Brand Awards for 2 consecutive years

Enfant’s 3 Pledges

  • Pure

    "Good products start with the right ingredients. Enfant follows a strict raw material selection standard."

  • Tailored

    "Enfant aids the right development of children in their growth with our nutrient designed tailored to each life cycle."

  • Scientific

    "With our unmatched technology boasting 20 patents at home and abroad, we make only the best and beneficial products for children."

  • Enfant Products by Each Stage of Growth

    Enfant STEP 1

    A+ Balance Probiotics

    "Everything is new for newborns
    The perfect probiotics for intestine health, immunity, and skin health."

    · Can't breastfeed? Give probiotics!

    · For better bowel movements for your baby

    · Take care of your baby's skin!

    Enfant STEP 2

    Smart Kids Q

    "For children aged 3 to 6
    Crucial time for brain development"

    · 90% of brain development is done when children are 3 to 6 years old.

    · Are your children taking the right amount of nutrients?

    Enfant STEP 3

    High Kids Up

    "The height growth solution
    to bring out the maximum height potential"

    · Why is my child not getting taller? Why am I so short?

    · Protects eyes that deteriorate with height increase as well as ensuring growth

    · Your children’s growth potential lies within this period.

  • Enfant Products by Function

    "Enfant Chewable

    "The tailored solution for intestine health care, treating irregular eating habits, unbalanced diet, and constipation"

    "Enfant Chewable
    Algae Omega-3"

    "The customized supplement for children’s brain development and eye health"

    "Enfant Chewable
    Vitamin D 1000 IU"

    "The perfect vitamin D intake solution
    for children who don’t like to go outside"

    "Enfant Multi Vitamin Mineral"

    The integrated supplement for growing children

Staying Healthy Until the End! Formulus

Early preparations for your old age!
We develop products that will keep your life healthy and dynamic by filling them up with nutrients that your body really needs.

  • For Everyone's Digestion & Absorption

    Contains 5 major nutrients
    Vitamin D, MCT oil, β-caryophyllene from our digestion and absorption project, and milk protein isolates for better digestion Well-balanced nutritious product containing clove extract

  • Healthy Joint for Dynamic Life

    "The right choice to keep your life dynamic
    Joint health product with FAC
    Keeping your life healthy and dynamic until 100!"

Charming Elderly Life. Care Q

"Leave beautiful memories
We develop products that will make your elderly life comfortable."

  • Starting to Forget Things?

    "Don't forget to take your B-trition,
    and you won't forget anymore.
    A simple meal substitute to take care of your nutrition and brain health at the same time"

  • Convenient Yet Healthy Meal Substitute [Don't Chew, Swallow]

    "Can't be bothered to cook?
    Bad teeth?
    Just pour water and eat!
    Nutritious and delicious meal substitute for your brain"

Full of Flavor and Nutrients! Watermelon Products

Enjoy the taste of fresh fruits just as they are
SFC BIO extracted their nutrients and flavor as-is

  • Soda

    Types: Watermelon, Mango, Melon, Plum, and Calamansi (5 types)

    Volume: 350 mL


    Contains concentrated fruit liquid; a soda beverage full of sweet tastes and the tangy flavor of soda

    Harmony of sweet fruit and freshness of soda

    Exported to 25 countries around the world

  • Watermelon Choco Cake

    Weight: 29 g/pcs


    Watermelon’s sweetness in marshmallows and cookies

    The flesh and rind of watermelon are expressed in an entertaining way, providing fun in tasting

    Contains red copene C (developed by SFC BIO)

  • Watermelon Jelly [Gummy]

    Weight: 50 g/packet


    The sweetness of watermelon inside gummy candy

    Lets you enjoy the sugary watermelon flavor inside the chewy texture of gummy candy

    Contains red copene C (developed by SFC BIO)

  • Real Watermelon Chip

    Weight: 20 g/pack


    Dried our new lyco fresh watermelon with its rind

    The rind and seeds, which are rich in nutrients, can be eaten as a whole as well as the flesh

    100% watermelon; high sugar content and crispy