CEO Message

CEO's Message

We will contribute to the healthy and beautiful life of mankind.

Top-notch health functional foods

SFC BIO (Solutions with Food Clinic) extracts and separates functional raw materials from natural substances to develop health functional foods, medicine, cosmetic raw materials, and finished goods. SFC BIO will become your health's lifetime partner through ceaseless R&D. Our products range from Enfant for children growth to products for Alzheimer's disease and joint health. From cradle to grave, we will take care of your health.

  • Different, Not Just Better

  • After its foundation in 1999, SFC BIO garnered attention for its strong research and development capabilities. In particular, we succeeded in becoming the first in the world to extract a raw material called lycopene from watermelon flesh; however, we had to suffer objections even though countless introductions were made to major companies to create watermelon products. But when everyone said “No,” I, the CEO of SFC BIO, begged to differ. “We have a chance because no one else tried.” After three years of developing the product on our own, we finally succeeded in releasing the watermelon soda to the world. The tangy taste of soda was added to the fresh flavor of watermelons, allowing the product to be sold more than 20 million cans in the very first year. Thanks to the success of the watermelon soda, we also released the Watermelon Choco Cake, which caused a sensation in the bakery industry, allowing us to be recognized as a creative company with outstanding technologies. Such success would have never been possible if we had given up when others said “No.” Our success became the foundation for the crucial management idea of SFC BIO, which is “Innovation Through Being Different, Not Just Better.”

  • SFC BIO’s Dream
    Facing the Era of Super-Aged Society

  • We are ready for the era of super-aged society. SFC BIO offers you a lifetime care system to help you prepare for a healthy and marvelous life. SFC BIO’s various research performance made the whole world acknowledge our technological capabilities. To keep up our reputation, we are constantly coming up with new ways to contribute to the wholesome and beautiful life of mankind with our items ranging from materials to finished goods. We have broadened the concept of food and cosmetic medicine for daily health management. We will tirelessly put our utmost effort to develop natural materials for safer yet more effective natural medicine to take care of your health and treat diseases.