Natural Substance Research

Plant material

  • Perilla leaf

    • Source: Perilla frutescens var. (Perila frutescens var. acuta)
    • Used part: Leaf or the whole plant
    • Key ingredient: Rosmarinic acid
    • Effect: Cognitive function improvement through restrictions of amyloid beta condensation
  • Thick stemmed wood fern

    • The root stem and the residue of the leafstalk of thick stemmed wood fern (Dryopteris crassirhizoma Nakai) are dried for the production of herb medicine.
    • Its features include extermination of insects, removal of fever, detoxification, suppression of common cold viruses, antibiotic and anticancer effects.
  • Clove

    • Caryophyllus Aromaticus L.
      Clove has been long used as a local anesthetic, proving its safety; it has various biological effects, including strong antioxidation, antibiotic,anti-virus, and anti-stress features.
  • Wood ear

    • Wood ear contains dietary fiber, which is effective for treating constipation and obesity, Vitamin D in wood ear helps osteoporosis prevention and strengthens bone structure.
  • Watermelon

    • Citrulline Diuretic action, improvement of blood flow / Weight loss / Blood pressure reduction
    • Lycopene Antioxidation
    • Electrolytes (potassium) Prevents heart diseases and hypertension / Prevents skin aging

Animal material

  • Fatty Acid Complex (FAC)

    • FAC consists of fatty acid composite groups that exist in nature. The exact chemical name of its key ingredient is cerasomal cerasomol-cis-9-cetyl myristoleate, and other ingredients consist of oleate analog groups.