The candid effort in the creation of Enfant.
Our professionals work relentlessly for you.

The best doctors in their fields (pharmacy, food and nutrition, biological engineering) are relentlessly working for your children's growth.
We poured our earnest effort into our product, taking the responsibility of caring for your children like our own.
From the examination of the natural substance-oriented raw materials we selected to our nutritional design.
We pride ourselves in outstanding nutritional and health functional design according to each stage of growth.

  • CEO Kim Seong-gyu

    Doctor of pharmacy

    (Current) CEO of SFC BIO

    (Current) Adjunct Professor in Dankook University College of Pharmacy

    (Current) Vice President of the Korean Society of Food Culture

    Graduated the doctorate course of Chungang University College of Pharmacy (pharmacognosy)

    Received the Industrial Medal of Honor (The Agricultural, Stockbreeding, and Food Scientific Technologies Awards)

    Worked at Daewoong Pharmaceutical Hospital Department

    Worked at Pulmuone Health Functional Food Department

  • Vice President Park Mi-hyeon

    Doctor of food and nutrition

    (Current) CTO and Vice President of SFC BIO

    Director of Erom Bioscience Research Center

    Director of Erom Inc. USA

    Pulmuone Food Culture Research Center

    Doctor of science in Hanyang University (food and nutrition)

    Lectured in Hanyang University, Dankook University, and Sookmyung Women’s University

    Wrote Happy Pregnancy, Beautiful Prenatal Education (nutrition supervisor at Mongdang Pen)

  • Advisor Kim Cheol-jin

    Doctor of bioengineering

    (Current) Advisor of SFC BIO

    Assistant director of the Korean Food Research Institute

    Doctor of bioengineering

    Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

    Graduated Seoul National University College of Agricultural Chemistry

Being as picky as we can be
Treating your children like our own

With its triple safety lock system, Enfant Childhood Growth Research Center creates safe and effective products.
Our professional researchers oversee three steps of safety management, manufacturing process, and quality assurance.